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Our donors at Pinnacle Egg Bank represent donors from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. We are especially proud of the quality and quantity of Asian egg donors we have available, including those from Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino backgrounds.

Why Are Asian Egg Donors In Such High Demand?

Asian egg donors are not as available as other ethnic groups, so the supply of Asian donor eggs can be limited, particularly eggs from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese donors. Compounding the difficulty in supply, a 2006 study showed that Asian American women utilized fertility treatment clinics more than four times that of the general U.S. population. Additionally, in some countries, unmarried women are prohibited from undergoing fertility treatments, and so many of these women come to the United States to obtain fertility services.

Frozen Asian Donor Eggs

We have frozen Asian donor eggs available at Pinnacle Egg Bank. These eggs can be secured immediately. In the past, fresh eggs used to be considered to have higher success rates than frozen donor eggs, but because of advances in egg freezing technology, frozen donor eggs now have comparable rates of success. This gives prospective parents more flexibility and a greater choice of donors. Using frozen donor eggs also avoids the need to synchronize the cycles of the egg donor and the recipient.

Using frozen eggs for IVF may be a more economical choice for intended parents who wish for only one child; a cohort generally consists of six eggs, while a cohort of fresh eggs is typically eight.

Once you have decided to use donated eggs, you will need to choose your egg donor. At Pinnacle Egg Bank, we are by your side every step of the process, guiding you from finding your egg donor to embryo transfer and pregnancy. We have close relationships with all our egg donors and will not only provide insight on choosing an egg donor, but will work with you to identify and establish the most important elements of your pregnancy journey.

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your egg donor, including physical appearance, the egg donor’s personality, and of course, her medical history. Appearance is a very personal choice, with many intended parents choosing an egg donor who has similar physical characteristics in common with them.

The egg donor’s level of education or academic ability is important for some parents as well. As with appearance, there is no guarantee your child will inherit any traits from the egg donor. We discuss this topic in depth in our ‘Donor Eggs Epigenetics: Will The Baby Look Like Me’ blog.

All our egg donors go through a rigorous medical, genetic, and psychological screening process and those with inheritable conditions will not qualify to be a donor. If a donor has a condition with mild symptoms or unproven genetic risk, she may still qualify. In all these cases, any such conditions will be disclosed in the egg donor’s profile. You can learn more about choosing your egg donor in our blog post here.

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